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This is you air conditioning.

You air conditioning is filled up with a cooling agent. Up to 120 gram cooling agent volatilize per year.

The air conditioning has got insufficient cooling agent after two years, the performace decreases or the air conditioning fails.

The cooling agent circulates within the air conditioning. It contains hygroscopic oil. Humidity again can lead to icing or corrosion of the air conditioning.

The dryer cartridge is responsible for the dehumidification, but its intake capacity is limited. That’s why it is checked at every maintenance.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

An air conditioning should be used regularly, at warmth and coldness.

The use of an air conditioning provides for a better climate within the car and ice free windscreens, especially in autumn and winter.

Simply turn on the air conditioning and regulate the temperature.

The cooling agent will be pumped through the circulation, keeping the gaskets elastic. This increases the life expectancy of your air conditioning.

Where does the water come from?

You park your car after a lengthy trip. A pool of water forms under your car. Don’t panic – that’s normal.

The humidity of the external air will be intercepted by the air conditioning. A small hose pipes the water under your car.

Hints for the air conditioning:

Save fuel! Park your car in the shadow. The air conditioning increases the consumption.

Get rid of heat accumulations! Aerate before your trip.

Fast cooling! Turn the blowers to maximum at manual air conditionings. Reduce it to level two after the wished temperature is reached.

Decrease bacteria formation! Turn off the air conditioning five minutes before the trip ends, otherwise it will smell musty later.

Important: Disinfect.

The warm humid air is of your air conditioning an ideal nutrient medium for germs, bacteria and molds.

When it starts to smell, it should be disinfected at the latest.

It is better to check it before within in a maintenance.

We use highly efficient and proven disinfectants.

Our recommendation:

Maintenance of your air conditioning every two years. So you will have unclouded pleasure with your car climate.

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